New Work in 2019

New work created in 2019 started with some pictures about the mountains and animals in the Rocky Mountains. Two small pictures with a deer in front of a moon and an elk on mount Rundle. Then a number of pictures with Canada Geese including some using dyed veneers. In the workshop I made two hall tables and for the tops I created the maple leaf design and the other I used a 4 piece book match of AKO African veneer with a hummingbird motif in the top left corner. The drawer bottom has some more leaves in marquetry. I then started on the Three Sisters moutains in Canmore and invisioned three Canada Geese in the foreground admist some rocks having a discussion about something. I made two version of the bear and deer, one in natural wood veneers and a second in dyed veneers. I finished by making a picture with two Rufus Hummingbirds after some Alberta Wild Roses.