Book Reviews

Paul Dean did a very good job in his book, Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry. The book has clear instructions on how to use First Nations designs to do this kind of art. It is really great that artists are willing to reach out and are willing to use other mediums to express First Nations art. Rupert Scow, Kwakwaka’wakw artist/carver, Gilford Island B.C., Canada

As a retired Woodwork Teacher, I find that the step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. Background information is just enough and not overbearing. A practical guide which I highly recommend for the woodworking enthusiast with a First Nations focus. Bill Ng, B.C., Canada

‘This is a splendid and quite unique book. Beginning with an insight into NWC native art and leading on to how it can be adapted into marquetry, everything is clearly and logically laid out with excellent accompanying illustrations and photographs. Full of marquetry tips and techniques that all make sense. The projects are pitched just right. Not too simplistic and challenging enough to entice any reader to give it a try for themselves. I commend Paul for producing an excellent piece of work and such fine marquetry.’ Peter White – President of The Marquetry Society (UK)

“A detailed and clear description of the tools, materials and methods required to produce excellent knife-cut marquetry. The First Nations art translates well into the medium of marquetry and the designs included provide a range of challenges for the beginner and improving marquetarian. Thoroughly recommended.” Quentin Smith – Freelance marquetarian and tutor, Former President of the Marquetry Society (UK), Founder of the Staffordshire Marquetry Group (UK)

“I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing Paul Dean’s new book, “Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry” and found it well written with precise detail and clear photos that help the reader follow the technique. The vehicle used is Pacific Northwest Native art but the techniques will work equally well for any subject being created in marquetry. It’s an excellent book for a person starting in marquetry or for a person who already uses a saw for marquetry but wants to add to his or her cutting arsenal.” Dave Peck – Long time marquetarian, contributor to the American Marquetry Society and the Marquetry Society in England.

“Well-balanced between technique and design, this book shows how to start a project and finish it… Paul’s book is for anyone, either a novice or an experienced marquetarian to enjoy… Paul has managed to be precise, exact in his descriptions, and at the same time, easy to understand… It is an asset for your library!” Cristina Alvarez Magliano, Fine Art in Marquetry.

“I have worked with wood for over 30 years. Now in my late 80s and long since retired I am tempted to pick up my woodworking knives again to follow the easy and precisely illustrated instructions outlined in Paul Dean’s book ‘Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art in Marquetry’ to create one of the beautiful Marquetry plaques.” Maria Rey, fine furniture maker/carver, B.C., Canada.