How to get started with Marquetry

Although marquetry does not require expensive equipment, it can still cost several hundred dollars to buy all the materials and hand tools to get started. For readers interested in getting started, but wanting to keep the start-up costs affordable, a starter kit is available, complete the form at the bottom for a quote. The kit includes an Ernie Ives craft knife which I believe is essential for cutting veneers in detailed designs and a 17” x 13” self-healing cutting mat. I cut veneers with a knife, but I believe that the designs described in the book can be effectively done with the saw method of cutting.
A complete list of items in the start kit:

For the design:
2 Sheets of tracing paper
1 Sheet of wax-free transfer paper (Black)
1 Sheet of wax-free transfer paper (White)
1 White pencil (for marking black veneer)

For cutting and assembly:
1 Self-healing cutting mat 17” x13”
1 Ernie Ives Craft Knife
1 Swann Morton Scalpel
5 Blades #11 (fits both knives)
1 Rubbing Stick
1 Fine-tipped Glue Bottle
1Roll of Magic Tape
1 Roll of Masking Tape
Veneers to complete your selected project (white, black red, blue and backing veneer)

For making frame pieces:
2 Steel Rulers 22”
2 Sets of Set-up Blocks
1 sheet of Con-Tact adhesive film

For gluing veneers, frame and edges:
2 acid-swab brushes
1 Miter Template (3/8” MDF)
1 piece of 3/8” MDF for each project
1 Wooden Marquetry Block
1 Sheet of wax paper

For finishing and hanging:
2 sheets of sand paper 120 and 220 grit
1 piece of 0000 steel wool
1 Sanding Block
2 D-hangers
2 Screws
1 piece of plastic covered wire 14” long
2 Foam Brush (to apply finish)

What else do you need?

From your local hardware store:
White PVA glue
Contact Cement (if not using a press)
Glue spreader
Varathane Diamond Wood Finish (or similar product)

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