2016 June Maple Leaf Sofa Table

In the fall of 2015 I started a cabinet making course at our local Technical College SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).  It was a four session course which end in May 2016.  The final project was to make a sofa table out of Beech wood.

I decided to make a Marquetry picture to inlay into the top of the table. After giving the subject some thought I settled on making a picture of maple leaves. See: Applied Marquetry


2015 Pacific Northwest Coast Native Art

I have had the opportunity to visit the west coast a number of times over the last twenty plus years.  Like a lot of people I have been interested in and impressed with the Northwest Coast Native art. I have read a number of books on the subject including Bill Holm’s book Northwest Coast Indian Art, An Analysis of Form.  I also found Jim Gilbert and Karin Clark’s series of books on Learning By Designing.  So I decided to see what this art form would look like in Marquetry. I purchase some dyed veneers from B&B Rare Woods and proceeded to complete a number of pieces.  You can view these in my Northwest Coast Art Gallery.

2014 Two new pictures

It is time to start work on my next two pictures.  The first is a picture of an orchid and I plan to make a custom banding that contains the main colors in the picture.  The second picture is one of an Elk in front of Mount Rundle in Banff National Park.

2014 – Reflections on New York

2014 – I am working on a number of marquetry pictures for family members.  First is a picture of the New York skyline for my sister.  I decided to make the buildings reflect in the Hudson river while the Statue of Liberty stands in the background. See more details about this marquetry picture here.  After, I will start work on an orchid and a third picture including an Elk.